Serena will participate in US Open

The top female tennis player, Serena Williams, had to withdraw herself from the WTA Championship in Båstad last week after suffering an injury. This must have been quite a disappointment for the event planners as they had made a pretty big deal out of bringing Serena Williams to Sweden. Thankfully, they still had lots of media coverage as the renowned tennis player did not hesitate to display herself on social medias.

Ongoing speculations
It didn’t take very long before experts and connaisseurs alike started speculating whether US Open was going to suffer the same fate as the Swedish Open, which would mean doing without “The Queen of the Court”.

“As much fun as we have been having the past 8 or so weeks I have to take some time to let my elbow heal,” Serena said on her Facebook profile, ”I am confident it will be ready for the rest of the summer. I need some time to recover and rehab it, but as of now I am being forced to take the next week off.”