Murray beats sleeping opponent

One can say many things about Nick Kyrgios, one thing is sure he get’s more attention than he deserves. As we saw him dangeling around on the tennis court one couldn’t help but to lower ones head in shame.

In the first round match against Andy Murray at US Open, the australian player saw fit to take a small nap during the match pause.
Murray spent his time putting ice on his neck as one would in a hot summer New York day, all the while Kyrgios was taking ‘resting period’ rather litteraly and taking a quick nap.

It did help though, Murray was brilliant on the tennis court, even though tennis expert and legend John McEnroe said he was not impressed by Andy Murray’s performace.
Despite this, he still managed to win in four sets with 7-5, 6-3, 4-6, 6-1. Next up, our country hero is playing against Adrian Mannarino from France.

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