Game on! Sharapova back on the market

The hunt is back on. It was announced this weekend that the worlds biggest female sportsbrand, Maria Sharapova is single yet again as she broke up with Grigor Dimitrov after a year-long relationship. It was the 23 year old Bulgarian player that confirmed the rumors to be true.

According to, Dimitrov said the following: “We experienced wonderful moments together. I wish her much happiness and success in life and in tennis.”

Sharapova has been pretty quiet, however after her vacation to Montenegro, where Dimitrov didn’t come along, there hasn’t been that much doubt as to her actual commitment and the hunt for the long-legged Russian tennis player can begin once again.

Much like the rest of the tennis playing elite, Maria Sharapova is on vacation at the moment, but she will be back on the courts halfway through August where she will be competing at the Rogers Cup in Canada.

By the end of August, Maria Sharapova will of course be staying in New York where she will be getting ready for US Open, along with Serena Williams, Simona Halep, Petra Kvitová, Caroline Wozniacki and the rest of the top tennis players.