Federer: oldest champion in 45 years

US Open has been an excellent example of how 30 is the new 20. In any case the tournament is being dominated by players who have reached a rather “elderly” age.

It is especially the “old” female tennis players that have kept the lead since three of the four semi finalists have passed their youth period.

On the gentlemens side, Roger Federer has been playing like a senior and has lead our thoughts into that time where no one could touch him on top of the tennis hierarchy.

Should he go on to win US Open he would then become the oldest winner in 45 years. This has been a rare occasion, where older players reach these stages. The last player over 30 who won Us Open was Pete Sampras who, 27 days after his 31st birthday, was holding the trophy at the Arthur Ashe Stadium back in 2002.

This year Federer has just turned 34 years old so there is still time for him to get the title while being the oldest winner ever. Ken Rosewall currently detains this record, when he in 1972 won Australian Open while being 37 years old. Two years previously he also became the oldest winner of US Open when he was 35 years old.

In the Us Open semifinals Roger Federer will be facing Stanis Wawrinka – this will be an epic match and you can watch it by Live Streaming Us Open 2015.