Federer criticizes young Kyrgios

Whenever Roger Federer speaks out people in the tennis world always listen diligently.
He recently criticiced the australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios, who might be a great talent but also quite the big talker.
Under a match against French Open winner Stan Wawrinka a microphone picked up on a pretty juicy comment made by the 20 year old Kyrgios. He openly said that Warwinka had had a sexual relationship with tennis player Donna Vekic.

This meant a $10.000 fine for the australian player which according to Roger Federer is more than appropiate:

We all agree that he definitely crossed the line by a long shot, We’re not used to that kind of talk in tennis. I know in other sports it’s quite common, maybe normal. Not in our sport, really. It’s normal that the tour comes down hard on him and explains to him that it’s not the way forward. We want kids to be wanting to get into this sport because it’s a nice sport.

He said to the Cincinatti Enquirer.

It’s gonna be a pretty interesting match at US Open in 14 days when Roger Federer is playing against Nick Kyrgios. Remember you can always watch US Open, Roger Federer or Andy Murray Live streaming here on tennis-update.com.